Why This Lamborghini Is Parked Outside For The Winter

What started as curiosity about a roadside fire eventually led members of the FerrariChat forum to this: the snowbound Connecticut residence of a 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach, parked outside for the winter. Don't all exotics come with rustproofing?


The fire earlier this month was the catalytic converter in the Countach, and given how much Ferrari owners pay attention to fire, nearby enthusiasts began to wonder if it was the real deal or just a kit. Soon enough, one forum member tracked down the owner at his residence, where the Countach was just one of several vehicles exposed to the elements:

He bought this Anni. for 100G from an exotic dealer going out of business in Vegas. The cars runs rough. He had a minor catalytic fire...no real damage. Seems for be in fair condition.....not 100g condition.

The FerrariChat poster says the owner plans to "keep the car until he dies and be buried in it," in which case it won't be necessary to spring for the massive upkeep costs that Lamborghinis typically require to stay in running condition. We do give this owner credit for breaking with convention: Most Countach buyers kept their white powder inside the vehicle.


There. That's better.

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