"Fixed" Ferrari 458 Italia Gets The Churrasco Treatment

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It's been a few months since Ferrari recalled its 458 Italia to fix a defect that led to the vehicles catching fire. Which is why there's fresh interest after a purportedly "fixed" 458 caught fire in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The fire Saturday appeared to mimic the four other fires reported earlier this year. Ferrari announced in September it would stop using a heat shield adhesive that was causing the fires, and replace the cars that burned.


According to unconfirmed reports on Ferrari forums, the Sao Paolo 458 had either had the repair done or was built at the factory with the alterations in place. One motorist was able to get a quick shot as he drove past the aftermath:

Wrecked Exotics has a few more shots of the fire and the running list of 458s lost to fires or driver error.

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Jonathan Harper

Oh shiz!

They still burnin!