The Toyota Camry is, for lack of a better term, the gold standard of mid-sized sedans. They are freaking everywhere. If a day goes by where I don’t see a Camry, it’d be a very weird day indeed. So, why are they so popular?

After driving one for a while, I figured out it has everything to do with predictability. Now, there are plenty of things in your life you might want to be unpredictable. Your love life. Your diet. Your exercise routine. Your boss. But not the Camry.

The Camry is predictable in how great it is at what it does, which is to be a roomy five-seater with plenty of space in the trunk. It’s stuck to its guns since the beginning because that’s how you get a formula down to a science.


The Camry will always be the Camry and that’s where its power lies. Don’t believe me? Look no further than the mere fact that the Camry still exists in today’s crossover- and SUV-satured market. It hasn’t been killed off—or worse, reborn as a crossover.

So far this year, Camry and RAV4 sales are quite close, which means that Toyota’s mid-sized sedan hasn’t been abandoned in favor of the big car.

To find out what else makes the Camry great, check out our video.

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