Why The Hell Do You Want An SUV In This Country Anymore?

Have you seen the news lately? The Millenials are at home being lazy, if you ask this stupid woman from the Boston Globe. Depending on which pundit you talk to, we're not driving. So why does the U.S. feel like it needs to cling to the big SUV? The big SUV is soooooo 2000s, right?

Apparently not, and the U.S. shows it in the October sales figures. Gas prices nudge down, U.S. buys SUVs. Is that the way it's going to be?


Personally, I think the aging American demographic is going to favor smaller cars, but there are some who think that Americans will naturally gravitate towards large cars that get surprisingly good fuel economy.

That begs the question: what about small cars that get bad fuel economy?

Spiegel, Oppo City Gym Leader at least brings up cars that are smaller than an Escalade that aren't fuel efficient by any stretch of the imagination:

If I really didn't care about fuel economy I'd probably get a CTS-V or an M5 instead of a truck/SUV.

Performance sedans are like chocolate covered caramel cake. Fucking awesome.

Also, I suck at analogies.

Leave it to BrtStlnd to put it all into perspective, though:

Driving a CTS-V is like fucking a hot fudge sundae in the bed of a Silverado.

Smaller cars, shit fuel economy. God bless America.

Photo: BMW

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