Why Are All These Tesla Owners Recording Themselves Breaking The Law?

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Tesla's always been for weirdos. For nerds. For technogeeks, and the kind of people that read Gizmodo. For Tesla Man. But judging by the amount of videos we've been inundated with over the past few weeks (at least three or four!), is the Tesla Model S P85D the first electric car ever truly loved by street racing hooligans?

We don't normally like to post videos of street racing, because they're pretty much universally stupid. But if there's one hallmark of a car taking over humanity's collective automotive subconscious, it's the posting of videos on the internet of people doing dubious (and often illegal) things. Like the video up top of one person racing their D against a Ferrari, and another below against a Lamborghini:

And another against a BMW M4:

And this guy, who just likes to launch up to 104 MPH:

Or this one, who just likes to show he can go fast in the rain:

If you spend any more than three seconds on Youtube searching for videos on the Tesla Model S P85D, plenty of these come up. Some of them, thankfully, are on a drag strip, and those are great.


Granted, morons of all stripes — Honda people, Bimmer fans, Viper guys, 'Vette bros, Lambo idiots and so on — post street racing videos all the time. We know this because people send them to us all the time, but we generally don't post them because street racing is illegal and dangerous and not something anyone should encourage.

But these videos, dumb as they are, are finally proof that an electric car has acquired the street cred it deserves. Because hell, if a car with 691 horsepower that can rocket itself to 60 MPH in less than three and a half seconds doesn't deserve it, then I don't know what does. Just take it to the track, okay?