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There's some kind of new Bugatti coming and I will be very surprised if it's not another incomprehensibly straightfaced Teutonic superspeeder. But it doesn't have to be that way.

While Bugatti was dropping non-teasers to the media, reader Strictly Commercial put forward an interesting proposition regarding what the next Bug should be like.

I think Bugatti should become the "Compilation Album" of cars.

Think about it, Twice now they've achieved cars that have been considered "The Fastest Production car", the EB11 and the Veyron 16.4.

Both were owned by different manufacturers, VW for the Veyron and Bugatti Italy for the EB110.

So that's Germany and Italy...but what if an American car company bought Bugatti and gave their take on what a Bugatti is, and then a British Company, and then a Japanese Company, and then a Dutch...etc.

all these countries could take turns, giving their interpretation of what a Bugatti is.
The Germans made theirs extremely technical, extremely efficient
Italians made theirs completely insane.

It would be cool, I think.

I think it would be cool, too. What the hell would an American Bugatti be like? We've built luxury performance cars that rivaled the best in the world before (not to mention American Rolls-Royces) and we could do it again.


For that matter, how do you imagine a British Bugatti? What if the design went to South Korea or South Africa for a model?

Photo Credit: Otis Blank