Teasers before automotive reveals aren't exactly my favorite thing in the world. Don't tease us with a blank picture, just show off your new automotive creation. But when Bugatti teases something, people listen. And now they say they have something new to show us in the coming days on Facebook. What the hell is it?

All we have to go on is this one picture of a slightly open garage door. There is no car in, around, or near the picture.

Bugatti says that this will be "the latest example of exceptional Bugatti performance." Seriously. This is all we have to go on. Let's start making some wild assumptions as to what it is.

Is it the rumored Veyron with more power than a Super Sport? Is it the Galibier sedan they've talked about and shown before, but never built? Is it a plane? Some sort of lifestyle clothing line? A perfume? A track shoe? A model home? A STAIR CAR???!!!

Bugatti says to keep an eye on Facebook over the coming days to find out. I guess that's what we'll do.


(Hat Tip to Stephen!)