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The automotive world is full of creative, dedicated and hard-working men and women. Some of them we even like. But there are also some complete assholes. Who's the worst person in the automotive world?


We know Max Mosley is an easy target. Not because he's son of Britain's most infamous Nazi, he can't be blamed for that. Not because he's reportedly a sex freak, because who isn't? Not even because his lawyers crawled up our ass last year. No, Max Mosley is the worst person in the automotive world because, through his incompetence, his intractability, and his posturing, he's let Formula One get so bad it's now no longer going to be a series anymore. For a primer on just how bad he's done read this. He's Darth Vader to Bernie Ecclestone's Emperor Palpatine. And today's news he's dropped his lawsuit just tops it all off. Where are the balls we saw in those sex dungeon videos?


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