Who Is The Greatest Formula One Driver?

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Formula One is recognized as the highest class of motorsports, and accordingly it gets the highest class of drivers. Who's the best?

We're going to pick our current favorite driver on the field, the inimitable Kimi Räikkönen. He's a world champion (and would be a multi-title winner if his old McLaren hadn't exploded all the time), but we only half love him for his talent behind the wheel. If you look him up on YouTube, a good half of the videos aren't of him driving, but just getting wasted and falling off boats. In a field of drivers whose job description requires them to be more like robots than humans, he's pretty relatable. Also, this.


As far as rules go, we're only counting people who have raced in F1's official, postwar years, so nobody gets to nominate Nuvolari or Varzi or Oldfield or whoever.

So who do you think is the greatest Formula One driver?

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