Formula One’s Favorite Driver Mumbles And Swears His Way To A Victory

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Kimi Räikkönen is the most human racecar driver in the highest and most highly paid form of motorsports, Formula One. He's also the funniest. Here's why.


Kimi is a veteran driver now, and when he was getting the regular advice from his race engineer during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix over the weekend, the Finn let him know how he really felt.

Race Engineer Simon Rennie: "Okay Kimi, next guy behind you is Alonso. Alonso is five seconds behind you. I'll keep you updated on the gap. I'll keep you updated on the pace."

Kimi: "JustleavemealoneIknowwhatI'mdoing."

Simon Rennie: "Okay Kimi, we need to keep working all four tires, please. Keep working all fo…"

Kimi: "yesyesyesI'mdoingallthetime, youdon'thavetoremindeverysecond"

And then there's David Coulthard, interviewing Kimi on the podium:

David Coulthard: "Tell us about your emotions, Kimi."

Kimi: "Notmuchreally."

Coulthard: "The people want to know how amazing it is to win a Grand Prix. Delve deep. Tell us."

Kimi: "AhcuzlasttimeyouguyswasgivingmeshitbecauseIdidn'treallysmileenough, so, uh, maybethistimeagain."


Kimi started out in F1 at the controversially young age of 21. He was also asleep half an hour before his first F1 race.

He's always had raw speed, but he's also had no time for the associated press bullshit that comes with his job. He races as a gorilla, he falls off boats and over fences, he hits the hot tub naked and he lets you know when he's had a shit.


This is why he's pretty much everyone's favorite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images