Which Is Your Favorite Jeep Easter Safari Concept?

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For years, Jeep has used its Easter Safari event at Moab in Utah as an opportunity to show off what its lineup of vehicles might look like if its designers and engineers’ creativity and imagination were fully unleashed. It’s always been awesome. This year, though, we’re going to miss out because of the virus.


That’s right. This year’s Easter Safari is canceled and we’re super bummed. While we might love the Safari most for being the destination of our man David Tracy’s monstrous road trip in his 1948 CJ-2A a few years back and his $500 Postal Jeep project last year, the concepts are a close second reason it’s high on our list of events each year.

The Easter Safari has brought us all-time great concepts like the Mighty FC, the Wagoneer Road Trip, the Crew Chief, the J6 two-door pickup and more, each year challenging us to imagine even more amazing possibilities for the Jeep lineup. My favorites have always been that re-invented FC pickup from 2012 and 2015's diesel-powered, fully-roofed Africa from 2015. Just great glimpses of what Jeeps from other universes may be like.

While the event was canceled, Jeep says it’ll still be showing some concepts thus year eventually. Until that actually happens, let’s look back at some of the ones we’ve seen in years past. What was your favorite Easter Safari concept? Let us know in the comments below.

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.


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