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What Car Brand Will You Never Buy (And Why?)

Forgiveness is entirely overrated when it comes to the Brands.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A silver Saturn Ion sits parked in front of a bakery on a city street.
Image: General Motors

No, this isn’t a trick question; I am well aware that I can never again buy a Saturn. The Saturn Ion was the first car I ever bought all on my own. It kicked and screamed for over 250,000 before a faulty fuel pump took its life because, eh, who can be bothered to replace a fuel pump on a crummy old Saturn? But as reliable and economical as that car was, it turned me off of General Motors forever.

Because even though it was stout of heart and handling, this car came with a naughty little ignition switch. And by naughty, I of course mean negligently murderous. There’s just something about that level of disdain for the lives of your customers that just gives a girl pause on ever trusting a company again. I come from a Stellantis family anyway, which is another brand I won’t ever buy for entirely different reasons.


Not that Volkswagen ownership has been a breeze either. The engine is sound, but a new electronic gremlin pops up every few months. This is not unexpected of course, but more annoying than I initially thought. Currently my onboard is telling me all four tires are flat and my backup camera doesn’t work. Terrific stuff VW (or should I say Bosch?) But I’d still take my glitchy cheater diesel over a deadly econo-car any day of the week.

What about you? What car brand will you never own again, either on principle or an intensely bad ownership experience or maybe because you’re punishing the company over a really annoying car ad? You know how this works. See you below.