Which Automaker Made the Most Great Cars?

Is there an automaker out there that has churned out the most truly great cars?

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A photo of a yellow Volvo 850R station wagon at sunset.
Is Volvo the car maker with the most big hitters?
Photo: Volvo

If a car company brings out something we can all consider to be a great car, it’s a pretty momentous occasion. Something like the Hyundai Elantra N or the Rivian R1T doesn’t come around too often for many marques. But are there any automakers out there that have had more than their fair share of big hits?

That’s what we want to find out today, we want to uncover the car makers that have created the most truly great cars throughout their history. So, take a look through the history books and start formulating your answers.


Maybe you think BMW with its long lineage of wonderful M cars has done enough to earn a spot on this list. Or perhaps, you think something a little more humble like Citroen has, in fact, made more great cars. Cars like the DS from 1955, the BX GTi from the 80s or the quietly excellent C6 sedan. All good cars worth consideration.

If you head stateside, could you make an argument for Chevrolet or Dodge earning a place on this list? (Editor’s note: No.) What about Ford with the original Mustang, the GT and the wonderful little Focus ST?


Personally, I feel like Volvo deserves its place on any list of automakers that have made the most great cars. Its current lineup wouldn’t leave anyone disappointed, and icons like the 480ES, 850R and the P1800 prove that the firm has always known how to put together a solid car.

But what car company do you think has made the most great cars over the years? We want to know, so head to the comments section and let us know your top picks. We’ll round up some of the best responses in a slideshow next week.