When You're 'The Transporter' At The Super Bowl, Only Audi Will Do

You know this weekend's Classic Ad Watch had to come from a Super Bowl, right? It's probably in the Constitution somewhere, or the Bible. Maybe both.

You guys gave us a great selection when we asked you to name the 10 best Super Bowl car ads of all time. But even though many of you suggested this Audi gem from way back in 2009, it couldn't get through the tough competition, so I thought I'd give it some love here instead.


Audi's "The Chase" features action star and future U.S. Transportation Secretary Jason Statham in four different decades, where he needs a different luxury car to run from some bad guys in each era.

We start with the 1970s where he crashes a very old-school Mercedes-Benz. Then we jump to the pastel-tastic 80s where he borrows an E28 5-Series BMW, which ends up flying through a billboard. Arguably the best part is the leap to the 90s, where our hero doesn't even consider a Lexus ES. Fair enough, man.


But he finds the best result in the supercharged Audi A6, and manages to evade a motorcycle-riding baddie in style. Because you can't just do something — you've gotta look good doing it, too. Great ad, right?

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