The air-cooled Porsche cult following is not news to anyone who visits this site, and the Luftgekühlt festival has quickly turned into one of the biggest, most obsessive car shows on the planet. We were there this weekend hanging out taking photos. Here’s even more for your perusal.

Each year organizers Patrick Long and Jeff Zwart throw together a massive assembly of everything from barn finds to Le Mans winners to super-clean garage queen, collectibles. There are even several examples of Safari and rally 911s, accompanied by a few random 914s and 944s that have played on plenty of non-paved terrain. Venue selection and car placement is more like a gallery opening, ready to please any amateur or pro photographer.

Last year’s Luftgekühlt 5 was held at a cool lumber yard in Los Angeles, California, and the crew had to find a way to top it. The sixth event happened this past weekend, and they went wild taking over the Universal Studios backlot, where you quickly recognize the wide variety of sets and blocks from a bunch of famous shows and movies.

Being able to walk a couple hundred yards to transition from a New York City street into a western town or mid-century town square was too cool. With 300 cars on display and over 6,000 attendees, the environment was almost overwhelming.

My fellow Jalop Brad Brownwell went as well, and I managed to get early Saturday morning access. I took advantage of that extra hour to snap frames of the early arrival Porsche offerings without the crowds. I also captured many of the cars that showed up in the morning waves of the ones driven in.

I’m here to satisfy your needs, and destroy your browser’s page load times while bogging down your company’s WiFi network with a obscenely large amount of pictures. 

The clock is still stuck at 10:04, as it was when lightning stuck the Hill Valley clock tower.
This guy’s got font jokes.

Sub-Par Photographer and Reasonably Quick Test Driver

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