Importing a car never approved for sale in the U.S. younger than 25-years-old, a.k.a. a grey market vehicle, is an expensive and laborious task. What's worth it? What's your grey market fantasy car?

Given the opportunity to spend the extra cash to attain approval for a foreign car we'd almost certainly go French. You could import a classic turbo BMW or one of a handful of Ferraris never to grace our golden shores, but it would show a real lack of imagination. If you want something truly awesome, a 2003 Renault Clio V6 Renault Sport in black would be the most insane sleeper hatch ever. People would see the funny little hatchback and never suspect it's a mid-engined, RWD fuel-sipping French athlete perpetually in the midst of roid rage. If you truly want something you're going to have to take it, and this little hatch is totally worth the mountains of bureaucracy you'll have to climb to get the yellow jersey.


Of course we could just import a Chevy Lumina SS Ute from South Africa and call it an El Camino.

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