What's Your Favorite Soviet Car?

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On this day in 1970 the Soviets landed their Lunokhod 1 unmanned rover on the moon. It was big, heavy, and looked like a B-movie prop — but it worked. Much like Soviet cars. What's your favorite Soviet car?

There are many, many Soviet cars we love but when forced to choose just one we feel it's important to remember that Stalin ruled his realm with an iron fist and any car we pick will have to contain similar metallurgical properties. Therefore we're picking the largest, toughest, and sexiest of all Russian cars: the Series III Volga M21. With enough clearance to climb over political dissidents, a powerful-for-Soviet-era 80 HP inline-six for outrunning the KGB, and a sexy look it was the car to have. Today the car is a legend and the preferred platform for serious customizations. Heck, one of them can even fly.


Okay Comrade, your turn. In Russia, car picks you. But this isn't Russian, this is America, so you pick your favorite Russian car.

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The entirely irrational tuned ZAZ Zaporozhets. #qotd