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Everyone wants to make their pedestrian straight-off-the-line car look unique β€” that's kinda what customization's all about, right? Well, nothing could look more unique in our eyes than what our boy Paul Tan's hipped us to β€” apparently the owner of this BMW 6-Series didn't feel so cool with Perestroika, and wanted to make sure everyone knew where his allegiances lay. That's the only reason we can think of for why the owner's re-skinned a 6-series to make it look like a 2-door version of the 50's king car of the Kremlin "czars" β€” the Volga GAZ-21. We don't know much else about the reason why the owner decided to go retro in this re-skin, but we do know it takes someone with seriously big beets to customize a car with this much borscht.

BMW 6-series skinned to look like Volga GAZ-21 []

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