All of this talk about Super Bowl Car Ads has us thinking about our favorite car ads of all time. Though the Iron Man Trailer wasn't a car commercial it did have cars and explosions. The Audi R8 The Godfather spoof was kind of funny. We're sort of partial to the Woz Datsun 280 ZX and its retro campiness. But none of these are all time favorites.

Our two favorite ads are not actually real car ads, they're classics from the SNL archives. The first is the Adobe Car:

Adobe. The sassy new Mexican import that's made out of clay. German engineering and Mexican know-how helped create the first car to break the $200 barrier. At this price, you might not expect more than reliable transportation - but, brother, you get it! Extra features: like the custom contour seats, or the beverage-gripping dash. And the money you save isn't exactly small change!


The second is the Chameleon XLE:

Introducing the Chameleon XLE for 1993. Finally, a luxury car that doesn't look like a luxury car. Inside, the Chameloen XLE has everything you would expect in a luxury sedan of its class. Soft leather seating, a contoured instrument panel, and fine wood. But there's more - much more. Authentically distressed fenders give way to a partially padded roof of blistered vinyl. While under the hood, a simulated transmission-fluid drip whispers, "Hey, not worth the trouble." This is craftsmanship no one will steal. This is engineering for the inner-city driving experience.


Maybe that's just us. What are your all time favorite car commercials?