What's Your All-Time Favorite Motorsport Livery?

Photo: Andre Penner (AP)
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The racing season is pretty much over, folks. What hasn’t been wrapped up will be by the end of the weekend—which means it’s time to get nostalgic as we look back at things and reminisce. Or, y’know, wonder why the hell we even watch this sport in the first place. Today, though, we’re going to focus on the good things: liveries.

We’ve already talked about weird sponsorships, so I figured it’s about time we start talking about the good stuff. I want to know what your favorite liveries throughout the years have been in any form of racing. Fill the comments with photos, folks. I want to lay in my leftover turkey coma and look at beautiful things.


On my end, it’s the John Player Special sponsored Lotuses in F1 back in the early 70s. Those cars were straight up gorgeous. Black and gold is always fabulous combination, but the sharp gold pinstriping that decorated the body was so damn beautiful that it makes me want to cry because we’ve never seen something so damn classy since.

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