People suck. And they always seem to suck way more when you're stuck with 200 of them in a tight, enclosed space tens of thousands of feet in the air. Hell is other people on an airplane.

Why, just this morning, as I attempted to slog my exhausted, hungover body back to D.C. from the F1 race in Austin, I had to contend with a guy in the seat in front of me who put his seat all the way back during the flight. Like, ALL THE WAY back. In my lap, pretty much. Who even does that? I mean, you can, the seat goes back that far, but why, man? Why?


So here's our question of the day: What's the rudest thing you can do on a plane?

We've covered things that will get you kicked off a plane, but more mundane acts of assholery can be even worse. People's selfish habits always seem to be magnified on a plane. Tell us which ones bug you the most.

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