What's The Perfect Car For A Spy?

With all the excitement around James Bond's new Aston Martin DB10, we can't help but think of how terrible of a car it would be for an actual spy. What would be better?


Sure, an Aston Martin is a great car for a movie spy like Bond, but if you were am actual secret agent would you want something that called so much attention to yourself? Probably not. That's why I think something like Hyundai Genesis would make a perfect spy car.

With the 5.0 V8 it's fairly quick and luxurious, as a proper spy car should be, but unlike an Aston, it sort of just blends into the background. It looks like a luxury car, but not any particular luxury car which makes it perfect for a spy trying to go about his business unnoticed.

An Aston Martin will shout it's arrival with it's V8 or V12 and gorgeous bodywork, and while that's awesome for big screen car chases, it's probably not ideal for legitimate spy work.

So my pick is a V8 Hyundai Genesis, ideally in black, but what's yours? What do you think would be the perfect car for a spy, and why?


Top Photo Credit: Hyundai

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