What's the One Thing You Hate About Your Current Car?

No car is completely perfect from end to end. There's at least one detail that may make your eye twitch every time you get in. So, what is it?

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Photo: Andy Kalmowitz / Jalopnik

I’m just going to assume that in one way or another, we all love our cars. That’s why we’re here. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t without their faults. We all hate something on our cars. I know I do. And that brings us to today’s question.

We want to know what you hate about your current car. It can be a fault in the design, an ergonomic issue or even some stubborn or broken component. I’m not your boss (and mine encouraged me to ask this question), so, please, share with us whatever you want.


Personally, I love my 2007 BMW Z4 very much, but it is not without some serious faults. I’ll break it down by category. In terms of what’s broken, that I hate, well, number one is the roof. It goes up and down, but I’ve got to do it manually, and since it was originally a power top (without power), it is very heavy. I could get it fixed, but that would cost me upwards of $1,500. That’s just not worth it to me.

On the design front I cannot stand the Z4's goddamn cup holders. They are incredibly flimsy pop-out units that you have to treat ever-so-delicately or they will break off. Also, if you have a cold drink, any condensation that collects will fall from the cup holder and onto your power window switches. Do they not travel with cold beverages overseas?


Anyway, back to you guys. We all have that minute detail that makes our eyes twitch every time we have to use or interact with it. Drop down below and let us know what you hate about your current car. Folks, I want a story. Really let me know why these one or two elements of your car pisses you off so much.