What's The Most Underrated Movie Car?

Tell us the cars from film and television history that deserve more recognition than they get.

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Photo: Barrett-Jackson

The Porsche 928 from Risky Business just sold for a shade under $2 million at Barrett Jackson in Houston over the weekend. That’s way too much for a 928, even one that Tom Cruise supposedly learned how to drive stick in. It wasn’t the only 928 used for filming, though it was the one shown on screen the most, that’s since received the most TLC from Porsche itself. It even has autographs from members of the cast.

Not too long ago, we asked what movie car changed you. Now, with the recent record-setting 928 sale fresh in mind, we’re asking what you believe is the most underrated movie car of all time. We actually did this more than a decade ago, but that’s well beyond the statute of limitations for rehashing old ideas on the internet. Plus, that also means there’s been 10 years of movie cars we haven’t enshrined yet! Examples in recent films are appreciated, though not mandatory.

Normally this is the part toward the end of the Question Of The Day where the writer provides their own answer to kick things off. Unfortunately, my breadth of movie knowledge is woefully inadequate for this topic. Name a beloved movie everyone’s seen, and there’s a 95 percent chance I never have. It’s one of the attributes about me people dislike the most; it’s also why I’m terribly awkward at small talk.


I did happen to see The Breakfast Club recently for the first time. Though the cars in that film don’t show up for very long, they’re important nonetheless because they bookend everything and are embedded in the first and last scenes the audience sees. I assume to some degree they symbolize the characters’ personas, because why wouldn’t they. The nerd getting out of the K Car and the jock getting out of the Bronco II would seem to confirm this remarkably obvious theory. Like I said, bad at movies! Anyway, what say you? What rides from movies deserve more love?