What's The Most Sacrilegious Hybridization?

A vanilla-flavored econobox appliance hybrid? Sure. But a BMW M1 Hybrid? A Corvette hybrid? Many will scream bloody murder. But there could be worse. Much worse. What's the most sacrilegious hybridization you can think of?


If we had to take one vehicle that epitomizes our love of the internal combustion engine, and therefore is antithetical to the mission of a hybrid, it would be a Ford GT. We think the idea of any GT with a tiny electric motor and a heavy battery pack is pretty much equivalent to throwing up a little in the back of your mouth and then having to swallow it because you're at a party and the host and everyone else is watching you. To make the idea even more vile, we'd paint it in Gulf Oil livery and put a big hybrid sticker on it and only drive it 15 MPH to make sure it only runs in electric mode.

Whew, that was hard to write. What about you? What do you view as the most sacriligeous hybridization?

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Photo Credit: BimmerForums

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