What's The Most Obscure Car?

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A surprisingly large number of you were able to remember easily forgettable cars, so today's challenge involves remembering cars so rare most people don't even know to forget them. What's the most obscure car?

Can you say Deutsch-Bonnet? Probably not out-loud because it sounds like you're saying "douche hat" if you interpret it phonetically. Actually pronounced like a doy-cha bone-eh, the little D.B. is a completely random and gorgeous but otherwise almost totally unknown French sports car that could get even Jay Leno to do a double take. The sleek coupe and sexy roadster were powered by a Panhard Dyna aircooled flat-twin engine which, though small, was capable of pushing the car to 100 mph. It isn't as famous as Citroens or Renaults, despite its great performance in the 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of LeMans. It's sadly obscure, though we'd take one in a heartbeat.


Stump us. Stump each other. Stump the Internet. What's the most obscure production car or coach-built ride you can think of?

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ATS 2500 GT 3.0

One of only eight ever produced (plus four more chassis) from the short-lived company ATS co-founded by Giotto Bizzarrini, so it's like a Bizzarrini, but even rarer and more obscure.