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I'll never forget the first time I saw an original, bright orange Datsun 240Z. It's a car you can't banish from memory, but there are many vehicles you couldn't remember if you tried. What's the most forgettable car?

Odds are you're more likely to recall the slogan for the Cadillac Catera than the actual car itself because "The Caddy That Zigs" never learned to zag off dealership lots. Unlike the Cadillac Cimarron — a car so bad its legend is preserved in references like these — the Cadillac was just bad enough to only live for one generation, but not so poorly designed its name lives in infamy. It was a bland car for boring people that looked like the Playmobil version of a contemporary Chevy Malibu.


Today's challenge is a fun one, as you've got to remember something that's completely unmemorable. The more likely we are to look at a pic of it and go "Wait, what was that?" the better.

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