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Late last night we saw an old BMW soar through the air, as if Icarus himself decided he liked some Bavarian sheet metal. It was mesmerizing, it was moving, it was soul-stirring in the way it broke the dirty, rusted chains of mere gravitational laws. We should see more like that.


Alright, so we did pretty much the same thing a few years ago, but a lot can happen in a few years. We've seen flights that would be the envy of the Wright Brothers, all accomplished in things without wings and powered by nothing but their wheels.


So if it's happened in the past two years, we want to see it. Rally jumps, truck jumps, accidental supercar jumps, the time your buddy Josh built a ramp in his backyard and tried to jump it in his Tercel. We want to see the best.

Think you've got a nice video of an incredible jump? Let us know in the comments below.

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