Cars can't fly, but these ten videos chosen by Jalopnik readers show the most daring, most foolish, most memorable attempts to get airborne in ground transportation.

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Photo Credit: Audi

10.) Dave's Lumina jump

Suggested By: skinnayyy


What happened?: Are you bored? Do you have a car and a questionable sense of indestructibility? This is what you'll end up trying to do – catch massive air in a complete junker.

Evel Knievel Rating: Equivalent to jumping 16 out of 76 possible busses

9.) Daigo Saito's drift jump

Suggested By: TrampaOnline

What happened?: This mid-drift launch at Ebisu demonstrates that perfect car control, not just brute force, can make a perfect jump.


Evel Knievel Rating: 23/76 busses

8.) Alexander Saluk at WRC Turkey 2010

Suggested By: Kiwi_Commander


What happened?: Rally stages are full of crests and "yumps" that should not be taken flat out. Hearing the sound of important pieces of Saluk's Mitsubishi crack on the landing explains why you should lift.

Evel Knievel Rating: 28/76 busses

7.) Bigfoot jumps a 727

Suggested By: wheatieboy


What happened?: Before Dan Runte jumped Bigfoot 202 feet over a Boeing 727, monster trucks just crushed cars and made little in-stadium leaps. This jump changed everything.

Evel Knievel Rating: 37/76 busses

6.) 136 mph rally jump

Suggested By: interrogator_chaplain


What happened?: This is Barry Johnson on the 2007 Jim Clark International Rally.The landing apparently bent the rear of the car down six inches, broke the shock absorbers, and sent both driver and co-driver to the hospital.

Evel Knievel Rating: 41/76 busses

5.) Drunk toll booth jump

Suggested By: uziy16


What happened?: Yasmine Aida Villasana did not intend to launch her Chevy Impala over a toll booth on Memorial day 2010, but that's just one more thing that can happen to you when you drive drunk. She only shattered her wrist in the fiery landing.


Evel Knievel Rating: 48/76 busses

4.) Pearn's Suzuki Sidekick jump

Suggested By: Axel-Ripper


What happened?: You need a serious safety crew, a sizeable budget, and many long hours of preparation to pull off a big jump with any guarantee of safety. This video shows none of those things.

Evel Knievel Rating: 58/76 busses

3.) Car jumps another car in a race

Suggested By: 87CE 95PV Type Я says GO CELTICS GO!


What happened?: At the 2010 Autoquad races in St-Ferdinand, Quebec, one car actually passed another car while airborne. Take that Zanardi.

Evel Knievel Rating: 67/76 busses

2.) Kenny Powers' Superjump

Suggested By: Mekkon


What happened?: In 1976, Canadian daredevil Ken Powers did not jump his rocket-powered Lincoln over the St. Lawrence River, as he had planned. With a $1 million budget, "The Superjump" was set to be one mile long, but it didn't work. It wasn't so much a failure, but rather a lesson for all humanity.

Evel Knievel Rating: 76/76 busses

1.) The Hot Wheels jump

Suggested By: skinnayyy


What happened?: Tanner Foust makes every childhood dream come true, launching what is basically a life-sized hot wheels car down a ten-story drop and soaring 332 feet through the air.

Evel Knievel Rating: 78/76 busses