What's The Dumbest Automotive Naming Gibberish?

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It used to be that you could buy a Chevy Impala and do you know what it said on the trunk? Nothing. Nowadays end-of-car real estate is jam packed.

Not only do you get the name of the car company and the name of the model of car, you almost always get some other kind of extension thrown on there, too. You don't drive a Volvo 240, you drive a Volvo 240 DL. You don't drive a Toyota Corolla, you drive a Toyota Corolla XRS.

If you take a broad look at the whole auto industry, things get more than a little absurd. Travis and I tried to put as many together the other day on Twitter.


When we saw the Subaru BRZ STi that isn't really an BRZ STi but a BRZ STi tS, J-Tenno was fed up.


Just make a sporty diesel version and call it the STd.

Well played, J-Tenno. But this leaves me with so many questions. What's the dumbest, most nonsensical example of these automotive initializations? And how many of them can you cram together in one name? And what the hell does XRS stand for?


Photo Credit: Toyota

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at least nobody advertises shit like this on the car anymore