The 'Leaked' Subaru BRZ STi Probably Isn't The 'Real' Subaru BRZ STi

Last night we got all excited about the Subaru BRZ STi. Like really excited. But what if we prematurely shot our wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, and now we have something of a mess on our hands? What if this isn't the STi we're looking for?


It's quite possible that we were blinded by desire for a faster BRZ that we didn't think that this might not actually be exactly what we wanted. But a report on 7tune says that the teaser images are just a tS version of the BRZ, which has parts made by STi.

What tipped them off? This weekend was the 86 Festival at Fuji Speedway, and Subaru unveiled the BRZ tS. The tS has no more power or a turbo, but does have some body mods and upgraded suspension courtesy of STi and other suppliers.

That's probably why the teaser alluded to "Purity of Handling" but didn't say "Unreal Facemelting Power." Still, we do expect a full bore STi version of the BRZ to come, it just might not be this one. It seems we may have blue ourselves too early.

We shot Subaru a note to see if this is the case. We'll update when we hear back.


UPDATE: Subaru has confirmed that the STi that was teased last night is a tuned tS, not a full bore STi. Next time. Next time.

(via Autoblog)

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