Tuesday we explored the concept cars that never made it to production. Now we want to hear about those that survived long enough to grace a showroom floor. What's the best concept car come to life?

There are a lot of classic and modern choices but the one sticking out at the moment is the Ford Iosis. It debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show four years ago as the sedan implementation of the Kinetic Design philosophy first previewed in the SAV minivan concept. It was so handsome it drew more comparisons to Aston Martin than Ford, indicating where the brand was heading.

Not long after the next generation Ford Mondeo appeared, showing similarly muscular features offset by taut lines and trapezoidal shapes. Though not everything was carried over, notably the swinging carbon fiber doors, the concept transitioned nicely into something that possessed the ethos of the original without sacrificing appeal. It was a nice alternative to the many concepts now that are just tarted up versions of the pre-production vehicles.


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