What's The Best Car Of The Decade?

Friday we wanted to know the worst car of the decade. Today, just in time for Best10 week, the flip-side question. Let's prove Time wrong about the "Decade From Hell" by reminding us: what's the best car of the decade?


We're still trying to decide here. Unlike the Worst10, where a few cars were so obvious we couldn't help but mention, we think there's been enough exemplary metalwork to force us to consider our list a bit longer. Maybe the car of the year was the Corvette ZR1... if you love awesome. Maybe it was the Toyota Prius (which didn't come here until 2001), if you consider the impact of the electric appliance. Maybe it was the Audi R8 — the first dramatically new super car design language in almost a decade. What say you? What's the best car of the decade?

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