What's The Worst Car Of The Decade?

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The end of the decade only comes once every, umm... every eight years or something. To better appreciate an era of serious highs and lows we wanna know: what's the worst car of the decade?

We're going to get this out of the way right off the bat and say yes, the second-generation Chrysler Sebring is the worst car of the decade because it's a car so awful we can't believe anyone, anywhere is still buying them. None of us would care to do anything but beat the Sebring, specifically the JS-platformed automotive travesty built from 2007-to-God-only-knows, to death. We all know it's just that awful. And while the convertible may be the worst of the Sebring lineup, there's really no such thing as "the best" Sebring. Both sedan and convertible suck. We've lived through the horror, too. Still, it's not the only crappy car from the 2000s.


Gentleman, ladies, to your complaint lists. What are the other worst cars of the decade?

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