What's A Great Affordable Track Day Daily Driver?

The Corvette Z06 Carbon makes for a great, albeit assumedly pricey (no word yet on official pricing), track-day car. For those of us on a budget: what's a great, affordable track day daily driver?


Clearly "affordable" and "track day" aren't words often said together in the same breath, but little orange cones mark the spread of HPDE and solocross events across the land. It's possible to get a small amount of racing excitement on the weekends without sacrificing your time, budget or romantic relationships.

There are a lot of great choices here but we fancy a used last-generation Mazdaspeed3, which is both an easy car to live with day-to-day, comes in used at a reasonable price, and has almost everything you'd want: peppy 263 HP turbo engine, big brakes, great handling, well-balanced handling, and a six-speed transmission. Swap in some more aggressive rubber, a few suspension upgrades and perhaps a short shift kit and you're there in a car that can comfortably carry four people and their gear.

Close your eyes. Imagine a checkered flag. Now imagine the money in your bank account, your commute, and your garage. Find a way to make all things work.


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Photo Credit: Jaymzx

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