What Would You Use One Of The Recalled Porsche 911 GT3 Engines For?

Porsche has taken the extreme step of replacing engines in 911 GT3s after some fires. OK, only two fires were reported in connection with this particular issue, but the problem is serious enough to swap out the whole engine. But there must be some use for almost 800 slightly fire-prone GT3 engines.


Big Block I-4 posed the question:

What are they doing with the old engines? I will put up $500 for one, throw it in whatever and drive it till it burns.

I'm sure there are extensive legal reasons why this would never happen. But it sound really great. Sure, it would catch fire eventually. But when it's sitting somewhere in a crap $500 car, does that really matter? Provided you have the fire extinguisher ready to go.

So what would you put a recalled GT3 engine in?

Photo: Porsche

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