What Will Men Desperate To Prove Their Masculinity Drive Now?

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The death of Hummer means the loss of vehicles like the brutish and capable Hummer H3T, but also the Enzyte-replacing Hummer H2. With Hummer gone, what will men desperate to prove their masculinity drive now?

Since they don't make an Ed Hardy edition Harley Davidson (right?), we think the official vehicle of people with a lot to compensate for will be driving the brand new Camaro. But not just any Camaro: the V6 RS Camaro. While the V6 is certainly far from under-powered, it still looks around a million times faster than it actually it is. It's so faux-masculine you need a special CARB certification in California for all the Axe Body Spray the regulating body expects you to wear while in it. It's oversized on the outside and tiny on the inside, which we think is an apt metaphor for a certain type of driver.


What's that I see, a man with a fake tan and an earring? But what will he drive?

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Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images