Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Nice Price or Crack Pipe likes planes, trains and automobiles, and today has a pickup truck candidate that proves two out of three ain't bad. Or is it?

Yesterday we had a Civics lesson demonstrating that even Honda could go Crack Pipe when the price isn't right, and enough of the car has been misplaced. Fully 87% of you sent that little CRX to the principal's office for smoking in the boy's room- and it's not getting back without a note from its mom.


Have you ever known someone who obsessed over something, and it kind of creeped you out? Maybe it was their klingon-themed wedding at the Star Trek convention, or an ex girlfriend/boyfriend that they stalked just couldn't let go. Whatever the source of their compulsion, it became all consuming- absorbed their every waking moment, and haunting their dreams. A person like that can be nearly impossible to live with, and many compulsive/obsessives do lose friends and family to their mania- look at what happened to Richard Dreyfuss' character in Close Encounters- Teri Garr couldn't take his nuttiness and left him. Sure, eventually he gets to go on what seems like an incredible journey, but what they don't tell you is that once those doors closed, the skinny space dudes broke out the anal probes and the To Serve Man cookbooks- mmm, yummy.


Today we have a pickup truck - a 1966 Ford F100 to be exact - and it expresses a level of commitment to a theme that could be considered borderline nutty. The seller has re-imagined this Custom Cab Styleside as a kind of homage to the Curtiss P40 Tigershark. This includes gunmetal gray paint, yellow "tail" and hungry-fishy nose. He also has incorporated some "nose art" despite that being more commonly applied to bombers than fighters, and the fact that he's put it on the bed. The obsession doesn't stop at paint, as he has chopped the canopy 4 inches and shaved the door handles to lower aerodynamic drag. Despite that, it still doesn't look capable of reaching angels one-five.

Backing up the show, is a healthy dose of go- as the entire driveline has been modified to bring the Ford workhorse closer to fighter performance and agility. While not an 1,140-hp Allison V12, the 400-c.i.d. Ford big block should provide for suitable performance when engaging in either pre-dawn dogfights or parking lot donuts. Four-wheel disk brakes mean you won't go off the end of the carrier should you get waved off, and the FlowMaster exhaust will keep pursuers off your six.


So, how much is one man's obsession worth? Well, this seller is asking $5,500 for this warbird-emulating work truck. There's no way you could replicate his effort for anywhere near that- but why would you? That's the rub with any vehicle that has been customized to conform to a personal obsession- you limit the audience to those who share your proclivity for such modifications. Much like the way Tron Guy probably has a hard time getting dates, this seller may find it difficult to find a buyer that shares his fascination with a fighter-themed pickup truck. But maybe this is more universally appealing than we think, perhaps there's a market for such a beast? If so, what about that price? Does $5,500 make you want want to pull out the chocks on this deal? Or is that nothing but a bunch of prop-wash?

You decide!


Raleigh Craigslist or go here if the ad gets shot down. Sharing is caring, and a hat tip goes out to Mike for landing this ad, in the hopes he'll stop just lurking, and becomes a full-time Jalop.

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