What’s The Craziest Failed Supercar Company?

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Building a mass-market consumer automobile is an enormous challenge with massive startup costs, endless regulatory challenges and ruthless profit margins. By contrast, supercars are pretty easy, but that's not to say that every small-scale startup works out.


The car business is littered with failed supercar startup companies, and for every Pagani there are a hundred failures like Vector.


Vector Aeromotive was supposed to build a world-beating hypercar back in the cocaine-binge ‘80s, but it didn't really work out. They started off with the W2, then 17 of the pictured twin-turbo W8s, before they finally devolved into building re-bodied Lamborghini Diablos and assorted vaporware that still pops up now and again.

What do you think was the most outlandish supercar that never was?

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Lets make a bunch of cars. But make them all two seater coupes or convertibles. Now lets give them all very powerful engines. And lose the traction control, it weighs too much. And the ABS, because it's for pansies. Now lets give them incredibly sensitive handling so they can go really fast around racetracks. Yes, some people might crash into things trying to drive them, but meh, they probably weren't very good drivers anyway. Now the bodywork... lets make it really crazy with vents and fins and wings everywhere. I want this car to look like a three year old imagined it! More vents! More wings! And metal is too heavy so make the body out of fibreglass! And I want the interior to defy every preconcieved notion of control placement there is! Put the door handles under the wingmirrors and the ignition under the seat!

..what do you mean we're bankrupt? How did that happen??

God I miss TVR.