LA Auto Show: Vector WX-8 in the Flesh

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When I stop and reflect about why I spend more time thinking about cars than I do, well, anything, one of the defining, transcendental moments has to be when I was around 12-years-old with my father at the LA Auto Show. In one hall they had the "other" makes including the Lamborghini LM002 and my absolute favorite, the Vector W2. And they were next to each other. And I was 12. And nothing in the entire world could have been any better. In any way. Well friends, fast forward two decades and here I am covering the 2007 LA Auto Show. While Lamborghini refuses to man up and give us a Murcielago-engined SUV, motherlovin' Vector is back with their WX-8. The life cycle completed, there is nothing more for me to do. Well... actually, there are a few people I'd like to punch in the mouth and I few women I'd to like to snuggle with, but I mean new Vector? Are we serious? Jump to read some glorious verbiage that had the Postfather in stitches.


I think what we like most about the new WX-8 and the not-quite-real — yet — A-WX-8 is that the business plan seems to have been dreamed up by a 12-year-old boy. The Bugatti Veyron has 1,001 hp? Fuck you, we got "over 2,000 hp!" No, really, they are going to build a 2,000+ hp A-WX-8. Check out some of theses nuggets from their propaganda:

Any comparison with existing foreign or domestic super cars is irrelevant

...[media outlets] will desire to expose this new "UAO" (Unapproachable Object) to their affluent audiences.

Will alter the expectations and change the standards of the ultimate group of automobiles currently categorized as supercars.

The new Vector Avtech WX-8 is intended to raise this bar so high that other companies will be hard pressed to reach or even approach the apex of performance achievable by the ultimate high-end 300 mph capable model...

The basis for the new Vector WX-8's extreme performance is the dual supercharged/or turbocharged custom manufactured high output cylinder-block and heads recently created by classified & confidential suppliers.

The best part? It just goes on from there. Man... we're in love. Mr. Wiegert, Jalopnik wishes you more luck than you could possibly imagine.


Weigert's pitching a tent for the Camaro. It's even apparent from the side view.

2000hp? Unless my math is way off, that's 500hp per wheel, aka undriveable anywhere near its full potential on any surface that isn't Bonneville Salt Flats. BTW, no one offers street tires that can take that, either.

That's more power than a bizjet. Seriously.

He should readdress the old Vector and build it again, perhaps with a few touchups like engines that can idle.