What’s One Thing You Wish Non-Car People Got About Cars?

It's shocking, but some people don't like cars. What's one thing you wish these people understood about the joys of driving?

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What’s one thing you wish non-car people got about driving?
Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)

This might come as a surprise to you, but everyone in the office here likes cars. We like weird cars, fast cars, exotic cars, electric cars and even cars that don’t have the right number of wheels. Anything loosely considered a car, we’re into. And I’m sure that’s the same for you, but did you know some people don’t like cars?

It’s strange to hear, I know, but there are non-car people out there roaming the streets blissfully unaware of all the driving joy they’re missing out on.

These people aren’t interested in creative new campers, the crashes we see at off-road races or the reliability of the world’s cheapest electric car. They’re more interested in walks, new restaurants or maybe knitting.


But we think we can change these people’s minds. So today, we want to know the one thing you wish non-car people understood about cars.

It could be something that helps them unlock the joy of driving, it could be a handy maintenance tip so they can keep themselves out on the road, or it could be a driving etiquette pointer to make sure they don’t aggravate other road users.

There are so many different things to love about cars; the way they look, the way they sound, the speed, and even the freedom that comes with being able to drive. Which of these would you pick for a non-car person to get their head around? Or, do you have a suggestion of your own to throw our way?

That’s exactly what we want to uncover today, the one thing that you wish non-car people understood about our obsession with everything on four wheels. Let us know your best suggestions in the comments below.