What Modern Car Will Be A Future Cult Classic?

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Yesterday, the commentariat delivered some amazing current cult classics. Starions, and Imps, and 900's, OH MY! Now it's time to look into the future. What modern car will be a future cult classic?

The car doesn't have to be for sale right now, but we want to know what new or recently sold car will be a cult classic sought after by our kids? Clearly, the Pontiac G8 GXP will be at the top of the list we let our kids buy and then constantly steal. It's got everything a cult classic needs: low production volume, dead brand, great performance, generally innocuous styling. People will forget, in time, the Pontiac G8 ever existed and, even if they recognize it, they won't know the great difference between a G8 GXP and a G8 GT. We will. "Oh, just $8,000 for a low-mileage example? Sure. Here's our checkbook. Just take it."


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Pontiac G3, but only because they made like 4 of them.