What Car's A Cult Classic?

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We're obsessed with the cult of cars, and while a 1964.5 'Stang convertible is an obvious classic there are cars appreciated by those truly immersed in the culture. The "it" cars sought by the in-the-know. What car's a cult classic?

Oh, ur-Quattro, how I stop and stare anytime I see any old Quattro hoping you're the real thing. Born in 1983, the same year I was, it's one of those cars indistinguishable to most as just another old Audi, but incumbent with so much more meaning for some us. Like a vinyl freak searches out white label Rolling Stones promo, gearheads seek the untouched and unmolested ur-Quattro. Combining Audi's legendary AWD system and turbocharged power, it's most important characteristic isn't its attractiveness or even its relative rarity. The Quattro is a classic because it's the first of something new, which you don't get much of as a modern car enthusiast.

What's the automotive equivalent of The Evil Dead?

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