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What It's Like To Use Apple's CarPlay Hands-Free System

Illustration for article titled What Its Like To Use Apples CarPlay Hands-Free System

While you might have expected Apple's CarPlay iOS system to appear in a Tesla, the winner of this race is Volvo, who will be using Apple's software for hands-free connectivity in all their future models. Here's the first hands on with new system straight from the Geneva Motor Show floor.


Volvo's beautiful Concept Estate is mostly here to show the world two new things: the Swedish brand's next generation interiors and Apple's new system in the middle of them that replaces the buttons with a giant touchscreen and lets you use all the apps and functions you like on your iPhone, hands-free in your car.


So, here's our first hands on (shot using Windows Phone 8):

I jumped there as quickly as I could to see a Volvo engineer explain the system using an iPhone and Siri amongst others.

As you can see, despite this being pretty much a beta version, the system works just fine. The icons are massive and if you know how to use an iPhone or an iPad, you'll enjoy this giant version too while being surrounded be Volvo's fantastic new materials.

Illustration for article titled What Its Like To Use Apples CarPlay Hands-Free System

With all those rumors circling around about a possible friendship with benefits between Tesla and Apple, it might come as a surprise that the Swedish are the first integrating iOS into their cars instead of let's say, Blackberry.


Fair enough, but let me tell you that Volvo is on a roll. They turned their previous bad fortune around thanks to sales in China, started making profit again and with all those new models rolling out soon, I wouldn't bet against them just yet. Apple certainly isn't.

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Garland - Last Top Comment on Splinter

So people are going to be trading in their Volvos every 6 months so they can have every tiny Apple update?