What Is The Best Luxury Coupe Ever Made?

Watching Lincoln's mid-eighties offering to the luxury coupe market earlier today got us thinking about the world of posh two doors. This weekend we want to know what you believe is the best luxury coupe.


For our purposes we're defining luxury coupes as follows—two doors, at least four seats, and built/marketed with luxury as the main priority—even if performance was a nice added bonus. We'll leave the precise qualifications for "best" up to you.

My choice for the best luxury coupe ever made is the Euro Spec E24 BMW 635csi. I've always believed the ideal luxury car is German and from the 80s—mostly because those are the ones I can afford and work on.

Of these I find it hard to disagree with the European version of the top of the line E24 for a top pick. Equipped with an M30, hard to find without a five speed, diving board free, classically styled and available with a red leather interior—what more could you desire from a luxury coupe?

What is the best luxury coupe ever made?

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