Was This The Lincoln That Could Finally Compete With Mercedes?

When it came time to advertise the new for 1984 Continental Mark VII Lincoln took the road less traveled, admitting they had been unable to compete with their competition—until now.


According to Lincoln their new American sport coupe was the revolutionary vehicle that had what it took to finally beat the German competition.

Watching this commercial we can't help but wonder which Mark VII is taking on the Mercedes. While one would assume it would be a model with a BMW sourced diesel for the sake of comparison and to explain the fact they didn't mention the other German competition, it certainly takes off from the Mercedes like a car equipped with a 5.0 liter V8.


It was certainly the best competition America had to offer to the world of luxury coupes in 1984, but we'd say like most new cars that year this Lincoln still fell short of a W123 coupe.

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So, in 1984 Lincoln finally introduced something that was supposed to be competitive with the 1975 w123? And this claim of theirs is even questionable? This truly was the malaise era of American cars.

1986 must have caused Lincoln a heart attack it hasn't recovered from until this day.