What FWD Car Did You Always Wish Was RWD?

Photo: VW
Photo: VW
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Today’s Opel/Mercedes/Honda Prelude converted to rear-wheel drive got everyone thinking: This looks right. This looks like how it, maybe, always should have been.


Basically everybody chimed in to agree:


I brought this up in the office and got a couple of other responses, my favorite of which being the VW Corrado. The world deserved a rear-drive VR6-powered hatchback, but we never got it from VW.

In any case, what front-wheel-drive car did you always wish was burnout-friendly?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Swedish Steel is best steel

Volvo P80 Platform (850/V70/S70 etc)

Imagine the awesome 850 R, with its big turbo 5 cylinder goodness, but RWD. They’re cool cars with FWD, but a manual, turbo, 5 cylinder, RWD Volvo wagon would be out of this world cool. Even the base model 850 would have a massive following. From drift, road racing, to rally people would be ALL OVER the 5 cylinder Volvos if Volvo kept them RWD. It keeps me awake at night with dreams of what might have been.