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What Do You Want To Know About The 446 Horsepower Dinan BMW M2?

(Image Credit: Nate Hassler/Dinan)
(Image Credit: Nate Hassler/Dinan)

The BMW M2 seems like a quintessential Jalopnik dream car. Small footprint, front-engine, rear-wheel drive. Why mess with the thing? Well, the tuners at Dinan have already figured out how to squeeze almost 100 more horsepower out of it. Think that’s enough to silence all complaints about the littlest M car?


Dinan (say: “Die-nin”) has been boosting BMWs for decades. Now that the cars are commonly shipping with turbocharged engines from the factory, the tuner company can just fit an aftermarket ECU, bigger turbo, bigger intercooler, cold-air intake, throat-clearing stainless steel exhaust and viola- $7,000 later the car’s energy rating has climbed from 365 horsepower to 446, and torque’s improved even more dramatically from 343 lb-ft to 458.

I’ve had the tuner’s catalog car, this “Dinan Series 2” M2, with all the parts mentioned above plus a full suite of suspension goodies, fatty steamroller wheels, and a Brembo brake package that seems strong enough to stop the Earth from spinning.


To buy your own M2 and spec it out exactly like this car, you’d have to drop $82,358. So I’m expecting a lot out of it. But after burning a tank and a half of gasoline in the California canyons so far, I’m finding few nits to pick with this baby.

I have to give it back tomorrow, so what do you want me to look for and discuss in the review?

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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Is it worth it to drop that kind of coin on an M2 or should one just go for an M3 instead? Or something else entirely? I only see die hard Bimmer fans or someone that really wants an M2 going for this.