What Do You Want To Know About The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV?

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For years America has waited for Chevrolet to give us an EV in a body style we want and now we have it, sort of! The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is a Bolt but slightly more Trax-shaped and we’re going to drive it!


The specs of the Bolt EUV are impressive in a world devoid of the $35,000 Teslas we thought would fill our highways. Here’s a rundown of the EUV, as we reported when it debuted a few days ago:

Chevy says the Bolt EUV will start at $33,995 including destination charges, while the Bolt will start at $31,995. While GM is no longer eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit, lots of states offer their own incentives. And $31,995 is the kind of price that is almost getting us there in terms of an automaker offering an affordable EV in America.

Chevy will also offer Super Cruise, its semi-autonomous driving product first seen in Cadillacs (and a competitor to Tesla’s Autopilot), in the Bolt EUV, which Chevy says is a first for a Chevy. Further, Chevy says it will pay for customers to install “Level 2" charging at their homes, which is ostensibly a way for Chevy to fight the fact that Tesla has a far better public charging network, though customers will still have to pay the increased electric bill.

The range on the Bolt is an EPA-estimated 259 miles, while the range on the Bolt EUV is an EPA-estimated 250 miles. The cheapest Tesla Model 3 is $37,990 with an EPA-estimated range of 263 miles, while the cheapest Model Y is $41,990 with an EPA-estimated range of 244 miles.

We’ll be driving this thing late next week and will have a fuller sense of what it’s like as a car. How roomy it is or isn’t. How it feels, how much of a deal it represents.

But what do you want to know about the Bolt EUV?


parkave231 can't get enough of that funky stuff

1. Is there a specific reason it’s bigger outside but smaller inside than the regular Bolt? Battery space? Suspension room?

2. I can’t quite tell from the photos, but do the reflectors on the bottom of the rear bumper also function as marker lights when the hatch is opened?  I would presume so since the hatch still seems to be one of those clamshell ones.

2. (Not Bolt-specific) Does any electric car have ventilated seats? Do the fans draw too much power compared to, say, the resistive heat elements used to heat seats?

3. Is the only GM design theme they have left squinty eyebrow lights, triangle headlight/foglight openings on the sides, and a trapezoidal shape in the middle? (Okay, this one is me just being snarky.)