What Do You Want Out of an Electric Car?

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The era of the electric car is upon us. While neither was as revolutionary as years past, CES and the Detroit Auto Show saw their fair share of new EV ideas, whether they just be concepts or cars projected to hit the market in the near future. But because it’s still a pretty niche market compared to your traditional internal combustion engine market, there hasn’t been time to establish a rapport between automakers and consumers.


But that’s why we’re asking you. What would you want out of an electric car? What have you seen that you don’t like, and how would you change it? What basic features of your current car would you like to see guaranteed in an electric?

Personally, I’d love them to look a little less... bland. Most of the concepts we’ve seen, like the Nissan IMs and the GAC Entranze are both sleek, but they’re also kinda featureless.

I don’t really understand why so many EV makers insist upon matte gray paint and an expressionless face. I like color! I like personality! Give me the fun shit!

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People complaining about charge times need to think about this a bit, You’re not using 300 miles a day. All you need to do is put back what you use each day and you don’t NEED super fast charging. If you buy an EV to go road tripping today you need to get your head checked.

What do I want from an EV? To not be harassed by “certain” other motorists.